Revolutionize the Way You Sign Documents with MSB Docs Office 365 Integration


MSB Docs has integrated with Microsoft Office 365 – a de facto standard for handling word processing, document sharing, and managing emails. Be ready to leverage the dual power of these two as your team can now transact and collaborate faster without leaving their native MS Office apps.

Power of Partnership

  • Accelerate Digital Transformation
  • Exceptional Customer Experience
  • Ease of Adaptability Changing Environments
  • Potential to Meet Market Demands

How this Integration Lets You Accomplish More in Less Time?


Deliver Stand-Out Digital Document Experience with Following Benefits

MSB Docs Integration with Microsoft Office means people remain in the familiar applications they use every day while enjoying document transactions and e-signature features that will be enabled right into the ribbon and file menu commands.


Save time & speed signing

Prepare and send documents for e-signature from any MS Office application (SharePoint, Outlook, and Word) already in use.


Create automated workflows

Add signing steps to the documents stored in MS Office applications using MSB Docs and automate the processes for faster turnaround.


Delight your team member

In addition to anywhere any device accessibility, this integration will let your team members leverage ease in preparing and sending documents, contracts, and forms using any MS Office application.


Leverage existing investment

There is no need to spend any extra cost on separate technology as one can benefit from this integration without requiring any hardware or software upgrades.


Single Sign-In Authentication

Office 365 sign-in credentials can be used for MSB Docs too. Therefore, there’s no need to set up or remember separate passwords or sign-in procedures to use it.


Benefit from Added Functionality

In case of revisions, users can add version notes, and send notifications from within document applications.

This Integration Fits Best to Following Use Cases

Human Resource

  • Onboarding Forms
  • Policies
  • Relieving Letters
  • Experience Letters


  • Vendor Contracts
  • Bid Packages
  • Onboarding Forms
  • NDA’s

Sales & Marketing

  • Sales Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Proposals
  • Bids
  • Collaterals


  • NDA’s
  • Business Contracts
  • e-filling
  • e-discovery documents

IT Operations

  • Asset Documentation
  • Policy Documentation
  • Change Authorization

Global Security Compliance and Scale

MSB Docs Office 365 integration ensures that all the documents that are in development or transit are entirely secured and are in compliance with industry-specific standards and regional regulations. MSB Docs is backed by hundreds of security features, processes, and controls. Its compliance with rigorous security standards like SOC 2 and ISO 27001 encourage our clients to sign, store, and manage documents using it.

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