Use the Signature pad during In Person signing

A user can select the In Person signing workflow state where the added user is the signing host who would get the ePak Signed from the In-Person Signer. This feature is configurable.

On the Signature Configuration modal window, the Signer host can select one of the configuration methods: “Topaz Systems Signature Pads” Or “Wacom Systems Signature Pads” Or On-Screen signature pad. On selecting one of the Signature pads options, the System will allow the Signer host to use the attached pad to create the Signature. Users should have Topaz sdk installed to use Topaz Systems Signature Pad.

Topaz Systems Signature Pad

Once the Signer host confirms the change, the configured Signature will be shown in the signature tag. After the signer has completed adding information to all the required tags in the document with the help of the signing host by clicking FINISH.

signing host by clicking FINISH

If user selects On-Screen signature pad, the in-person signer can draw the signature on the signature pad, and the same changes will be visible on the signature configuration modal.

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