How may I invite a new external signer and initiate the Third-Party Verification process?

If Third Party Verification has been enabled in your existing configuration, then you may easily initiate the Third- Party Verification process by adding a new external user to the workflow on the Compose page. Note: An external user is a user that is not part of your organization and does not use SSO login.

  • Compose your ePak as normal.
  • In the workflow on the compose page, enter the full email address of your new external user and press the enter key. A modal will appear asking for the user’s name.

    modal will appear asking for the user’s name

  • Enter the users name and submit the form.
  • Finish sending your ePak.

The new user will receive two emails, the first email is a notification of the ePak and the second email is a verification email. The Third-Party Verification Registrar will then complete the verification process. The new user cannot sign the ePak until verification is completed and the user has been verified.

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