How do I prepare my PDF document for signatures?

In some situations, document authors submit their documents to a Document Custodian. The Document Custodian then creates an ePak and manages the signature process. In other situations, authors are also the Document Custodian. In either situation, the author identifies the signatories for the document. It is not necessary to add signature blocks to your document in Acrobat. It will add signature blocks during the upload and ePak creation process.

In preparing your ePak for signatures,

  • If your ePak will be using the eSignature certificate policy be sure there is room on the document where the eSignature tags will be placed. Many Custodians choose to have a signing area such as this:Approval:

You can see that there is sufficient space for a signature block within this cell. (At the time of uploading, the Custodian should be sure to drop the Signature block tags as far to the left as possible within this signature cell to ensure the best outcome).

If your ePak will be using the Safe or Internal certificate policy, the Signature block will be smaller, so only half the width of the page is recommended. In the most recent release, Custodians may also use the new Tag Resize feature, which allows custodians to control the size and placement of signature tags.

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