How do I create a .CSV file for Batch Compose?

For Batch Compose the recipient list must be a spreadsheet formatted as a comma-separated values (CSV) file. The fields in the list would depend on the tags dropped while composing the document template. For a valid CSV file:

  • The first row will always be the header row that contains the field names.
  • Each subsequent row represents a unique workflow (ePak) with the information for one or all the recipient(s) in that workflow.

Sample CSV File


To export the layout for your CSV file:

  • Follow Steps 1-4 of How do I compose multiple ePaks at once?
  • Click Export Layout button.


  • A .CSV file will get downloaded with all the header fields.


  • If the Document template has form fields then all the form field names will also be in the header for the Custodian to fill, or they can be left empty if it needs to be filled by the recipients.


  • Fill in the required fields. Remember each row represents an individual ePak (workflow). You can add as many rows as you want, and it will record each transaction separately.
  • Save the file and it is ready to be used for Batch Compose.

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