Does the person I’ve asked to sign a document need an account?

Not necessarily, however this would depend on the signature policy selected while composing the ePak for signature and the system configuration. But irrespective of the policy, your signer will need to have an email address it can send the ePak (document) to.

Signature Policy Account Other Requirements
Contracts Only Only if 2-factor authentication is configured for your instance None
SAFE UIS Not Required SAFE mobile credentials issued by Verizon UIS on behalf of SAFE BioPharma
SAFE eToken Not Required SAFE eToken device with signer’s certificates issued by Verizon UIS
SAFE Hybrid Not Required Either or both above
Signature 21 CFR Required Either or both above

By default, it doesn’t require a user to have an account except for a 21 CFR signature policy however the system can be configured to make account registration mandatory before letting a user access any ePak sent to them for signature/review. Please contact your Administrator to know if the system has been set so.

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Great, Thank you!