UETA – Here’s What You Need to Know Before Going Digital


If you have stepped into the world of electronic signatures, you might have come across the acronym UETA a lot. This blog post talks about UETA and how it

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Top eSignature use cases for small business

The manual process of signing a document is without a doubt timid and time-consuming. It is a hassle for business.

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Create your Online Signature with MSB Docs Now

A signed document indicates its authenticity and proves that it is valid. Today in the modern world where technology is growing at a fast pace, digital signatures play a crucial role.

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Why pharmaceutical industry loses Billions of dollars every year?

Pharma industry is one of the largest industries that is totally built on innovation, involving a huge investment in research and development (R&D), intellectual property

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7 important digital signature uses in 2021

A digital signature is precisely an electronic form of signature used to authenticate any digital document and identity of the signer.

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