May 5th, 2023

Healthcare Data Leak – A Repeated Warning for Healthcare Providers


In the latest healthcare data leak, the German firm, Greenbone Networks has reported that over a million medical records and 121 Million medical images have been leaked. All this healthcare data, including X-rays and scans of the Indian patients, is leaked in such a way that it is freely accessible by anyone online. The German cybersecurity company Greenbone Networks has stated that these patient’s data also includes the personal details of the patients like the name, date of birth, social identity proof, medical institute they are being treated in, their medical history, and other details too.

This devastating leak of data is due to the bad password practices being carried out by the hospitals and medical service providers. Though the healthcare industry is going digital and opted to produce millions of digital health records, they carelessly overlooked the cybersecurity.

Upon review, Inc42 has found a link where all this leaked data has uploaded, and there is an option for everyone to download medical images of patients.

According to the company, Greenbone Networks, this data breach happened because of the unsecured systems being used by healthcare providers that made servers carrying these records extremely vulnerable. It is also being noted that the security protocols that need to be followed in order to secure these servers had not been followed. All the images are made available online without any password protection. This should not be the case for dealing with medical records. But still, the research found 97 such vulnerable systems in India. Clearly, this vulnerability in India’s medical systems is not because of any software flaw or loophole, but rather it is a result of inadequate security practices and a configuration issue.

On December 11, 2019, India’s Minister for Electronics and Information Technology introduced an updated draft of Personal Data Protection Bill (the “Bill”) in the Lok Sabha and according to it, such healthcare institutions should be held liable for this data breach.

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