May 5th, 2023

Go Contactless with eSignatures using MSB Docs Smart Document Solution!


Welcome to the contactless world!

We are in the midst of unusual times led by Covid-19, where businesses are mostly operating remotely and human interactions are being fairly minimized. The term ‘contactless’ has started to trend across businesses and industries, as each strive to ensure continuity of their operations with the help of new-age solutions that promote contactless work. Limiting the risk of virus transmission is of course, the top priority for all organizations! For businesses that deal with extensive documentation and follow a rigorous consent/ signature process, ensuring safe transfer of documents from one employee to another within the organization is of critical importance.

In the wake of these increasing complexities, the new-age electronic signature technology which has successfully transformed the paper-related processes of multiple organizations, has assumed greater significance in the current times. This is because modern electronic signatures facilitate instant sharing and signing of all critical documents and agreements electronically, without requiring the physical exchange of any paper document.



Tried MSB Docs?

Talk about advanced electronic signatures and document management, and the mention of MSB Docs is noteworthy. A next-gen, powerful smart document management solution, the employment of MSB Docs can enable organizations to sign, store and manage all their documents electronically in a secure, simplified and organized manner. Employees can gain greater powers even in the remote working circumstances, as they need not rush to offices and touch common documentation surfaces – paper, pen, scanners, fax machines, etc, or perhaps interact with any courier services. This is because all documents can be conveniently sent, signed and received with just a few clicks.

So, to sum it up, your contracts can be executed in a matter of minutes, as signatures can be captured electronically with far less risk – risk of security, risk of physical contact, risk of losing documents, risk of landing into legal troubles. Moreover, irrespective of the size or type of business, MSB Docs can seamlessly integrate with an organization’s existing system, to deliver results which can have a far-reaching impact on the long-term growth and success of an organization.

So, what are the other areas of benefit that a business can experience by embracing this one-of-its-kind contactless eSignature technology? Let’s have a look

  • Cost reduction – There are a variety of costs that a business incurs in managing its documentation. Some of these costs are cost of paper, printing and scanning expenses, document handling costs, shipping costs, etc. Reports suggest that companies which adopt e-signature solutions can successfully reduce their document handling expenses by 85%. Moreover, by going paperless, organizations can also save on 80% of their shipping costs. Well, isn’t that tremendous cost-saving for a business?
  • Time-saving – Physical management of tons of documents can eat up lots of precious working hours of employees – printing and scanning of documents, reaching out to different signatories, collecting signatures, compiling and storing – all of this mostly delays the final outcome of any process. A report reveals that 60% of employee time is actually spent on working with documents. Moreover, 65% of companies who use the pen and paper approach to collect physical signatures add an entire day to their work process. Well, time is also money! With MSB Docs, organizations can save on all this valuable time as approvals and acknowledgements are just a click away.
  • Employee productivity – Employees can now be free to invest their time and intelligence in performing a variety of other strategic activities, which can yield significant results for the business and pave way for their further advancement.
  • Immediate availability of information – Since all the documents are centrally stored, any kind of information can be accessed almost instantly by the designated authorities, whereas any document can be retrieved immediately, without any requirement to dig into those heaps of files.
  • Data Security – MSB Docs ensures utmost safety and security of all documents. Thus, businesses can go paperless in the most secured way.
  • Regulatory Compliances – MSB Docs strictly adheres to all industry regulations and compliance standards for their signing and documentation processes. Some of these key regulations that the company abides by are FDA 21 CFR Part 11, eIDAS, IT Act 2000, HIPAA, EMA, ESIGN Act (USA) and SSAE 16.
  • Greater efficiency – With the workflows getting digitized and the contract execution timed reduced, processes are automatically improved and the transactions are made much easier. All this enhances the operational efficiency multi-fold.

MSB Docs has been recognized by Gartner among the top five eSignature vendors. The company has also been named and recognized in the field of Clinical Development Automation in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Life Science Research and Development, 2020.

So, keep your contracts moving and your business up and running with the advanced eSignature platform by MSB Docs. Contactless documentation is a trend which is here to stay for long. And this is the time to make the most of it!